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we offer and a few handcrafted goodies as well

Wisdom Beyond

Forgiveness CD

Revisit past emotions from a standpoint of Uncondition Love

Forgive and Move On

21 Heart Chakra Release CD

Remove blockages from heart chakra - when you feel emotionally  

"bogged down"

Prayer Card Packet

These 3x5 cards have been updated to include all 15 prayers AND they have a fresh new look.


Quartz pendant that is programmed with the blueprint of your DNA.  Worn over your heart chakra, it helps protect you from negative energies.


Ancient Magi technique utilizing Sacred Geometry and Angelic Writing


PLEASE PHONE +1 417 334 6200,


Whole Body

Detox CD

Detox for the entire body and Lymphatic System

Frank & Myrrh E.O.

Ancient Blend of Frankincense & Myrrh.  Great for Meditation!

Clearing MeditationCD

Listen to prior to bedtime ~ allowing Christopher to clear your chakras and meridians

Animal Companion ClearingCD

Our 4-legged family need clearing ALSO

Guided Relaxation CD

with Ginelle

Join Ginelle for a tip of the toe to the top of the head guided relaxation 

Past Life ClearingCD

Releases to clear past life issues at a cellular level - energetic memory that has slipped through

the veil.

Lavender E.O.

Excellent for relaxation, burns, cuts, bug bites...

Body Butter

Organic blend of oils to nourish

your skin

(smells great too!!)

House ClearingKit

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Releasing of

Regret Energy CD

Stuck energy only lowers your vibration

Release old regret emotion

Christopher Macklin Ministries

7 Chakra Clearing

‚Äčand RebalancingCD

Starting at the root working up to the crown

Get Cleared and Rebalanced

Commercial ClearingKit

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