~Founded out of unconditional love~ 

It is OUR MISSION to establish the world's largest Global Enlightenment Program by utilizing ancient knowledge of Divine teachers throughout history. 
Living in negativity and fear in the world will be transformed, providing resolution through our teachings of Ancient Knowledge, Unconditional Love, and Divine Healing.


Christopher Macklin was born in Chester in the UK and has been very gifted from an early age. For the last several years he has concentrated on Divine Healing learned from Divine knowledge from God and All That Is Holy.

His healing technique is a unique approach combining God’s Angelic Light Beings and clearing of Negative Energies and Entities. Christopher has worked with Divine Healing for 30 years. He is a Melchizedek Being who has volunteered to come down to Earth to teach and heal using Sananda Energy from the Ultimate Dimension.

He is able to help people with all types of Disease and imbalances. Christopher does not work alone; there are large numbers of God’s Angelic Light Beings channeled to work with him. He first works to balance the body’s energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body’s meridian field by removing negative entities and energies. He then uses God's Divine Angelic Beings to perform Esoteric Operations to replace damaged joints and diseased organs. God's Angelic Beings also reconstruct the damaged muscles and nerves. 

Christopher has helped people recover from all types of illness, some of these include: Auto Immune Diseases, Cancer, Morgellons Disease, Herpes Virus, Arthritis and many more. Every illness is treatable through Christopher's gift of Divine Healing, though individual results vary depending on the facet of healing selected by God. 

Christopher also treats Emotional Disorders, including Addictions, Chronic Depression, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder. The whole person, and their whole life are treated, therefore relationships of families and loved ones can also be repaired and restored.
The glue that binds humanity is Unconditional Love! God and All That Are Holy are most concerned that you are whole, and a reflection of this Unconditional Love in the world, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Interfaith Ministry embraces Divine Healing, Unconditional Love, Compassion.
Teachings are based on Ancient Knowledge, Peace & Forgiveness.
Boldly become who you truly are; radiant and a reflection of the Divine on Earth!

Love & Blessings,

Christopher & Staff