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How to Navigate Humanity's Shift in Consciousness and Rise to Your True Place as a Divine Being

Dissolving the Enigma of
Divine Healing​

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This world you live in is changing.  Or rather, the  dimension you exist in is undergoing an alteration.  Things you have taken for granted now seem invaluable. Things you thought you believed in no longer seem true.  Surprisingly, you don’t mind.  You have known for a long time that something better awaits, something beautiful and gratifying, something that   has been hovering just beyond the edge of understanding.  You are feeling these things because you are undergoing  THE SHIFT.

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Excerpts from the book :

Introduction ~

Absolute faith is the true and powerful secret that governs our lives.  When you have absolute faith nothing can touch you.  This is a knowing inside, with no fear and complete confidence in God, that nothing can or will harm you.  Any slight fear can prevent absolute faith, while it is strengthened by direct connection with God, talking directly to Him, meditating, praying, and asking for His protection.

Chapter 4 Entity Clearing

Jesus called them demonic entities; I call them fallen souls and fallen angels.  As mentioned earlier, entities can get into your body if your energy level has dropped significantly through some turbulence in your life, be it emotional in nature, due to transmissional frequencies, or toxins.  Once the body vibration has dropped your vibrational level will be the same as the entity, allowing it to get into the body.  A negative entity is an esoteric field of low vibration, and depending where it sits it can effect various organs of the body.

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