Healing Sessions

A large portion of our ministry is devoted to the Divine Healing that Christopher offers. 

He works with past and present emotional issues, structural issues from past or present injuries,

physical pain, and energy blockages.

* * Here's what you can expect during a Healing Session:

You will fill out an intake form and discuss any concerns and expectations you might have. 

You will go into a treatment room at our Center for your healing session (either in person, or esoterically)

You can expect that after your session time with Christopher, that you will need to REST 

You are ALWAYS more than welcome to bring a friend or family member into your session

(but please do keep in mind sometimes there are emotional things from your past that DO arise during a session).

Christopher also offers House Clearing Sessions that Optimize the Vibration of your home.

If you have an animal with an aliment Christopher can help them too by booking them a Remote Healing Session.

Please keep in mind: 

We are a ministry, we rely on donations to keep our center going.
We ask for a minimum donation of $80 for online sessions.

NO ONE will be turned away, but there does need to be some sort of energy exchange for the healing session.

Healings can be done in person in our office, or you can arrange for Christopher to come to

YOUR town for a workshop & healing sessions for friends/family.

Healings can also be done REMOTELY via Skype.

Christopher works WORLD-WIDE doing remote healings,

payments for donations (don't forget, your donations are tax-deductible)

may be made directly through our office in Missouri.

Please call us for additional information and scheduling: 

(417) 334~6200

Christopher Macklin Ministries


Mr. Macklin Our Angel on Earth

The day we first met Mr. Macklin we felt so comfortable, there was a pleasant welcoming feeling about him.  It was like he exuded virtuousness almost on a holy level.  It was powerful.  I felt like a child that was finally safe and nothing could touch me now.  I see a man, but if I were to close my eyes he feels like and would be a holy man.  After one of my healings I told him my daughter had suicidal thoughts and he immediately made arrangements for her healing.  I couldn’t believe it he offered to heal her…he made time for her and he was willing to save her.  He was booked far in advanced but he made time to save my daughter’s soul.  He is a noble man.  There was an incident that occurred right after my 3rd healing - I had a spiritual attack of excruciating pain I wasn‘t aware it was an attack.  I had taken pain killers all day and nothing worked.  I remember reminding my daughter about her healing coming up in a few minutes when I thought of one of the prayers.  I didn’t have it near by so I focused on hearing Mr. Macklin’s voice recite his prayer…God is my witness the pain stopped immediately!  It was incredible I couldn’t believe what just happened this was intense.  I’ve had 2 prior esoteric healings both of which the results were very temporary nothing like this.  After the first healing we received from Mr. Macklin, it would be days later we were still flying hi in the clouds.  It’s an ever lasting feeling of happiness, optimism and unconditional love...I just wanted to bust!    

Three lives are saved

My sister Ester had given up and was on the verge of surrendering to her illnesses.  He’s removed the black cloud hanging over her and has breathed life back into her.  She would get around using a walker but now she forgets to use it because she doesn‘t need anymore.  Her excruciating hip and arm pain is gone.  Ester is so much happier now that her pain is almost gone.  She can’t believe how quick her health is improving and she’s very opinionated too if I might add.  She isn’t 100% but she’s getting there she‘s optimistic and she‘s alive.  Ester no longer has death on her mind she is so grateful to Mr. Macklin that she has a new lease on life.

Katherine’s suicidal thoughts have ceased, she wonders if it will come back.  She has faith and trusts in God as she was a non-believer.  Katherine is able to distinguish real sadness from bad sadness (she knows the feeling) and will not allow those evil thoughts take over again.  Katherine is work in progress and is learning to use the prayers.  She can’t believe how close she came to giving up on herself and understands what was behind it.  Katherine is so giggly now; she’s a child again and is happy.  Katherine likes to talk about her healing but gets the chills just thinking about it, she’s still perplexed about what she experienced but she came out a believer.  I have my daughter once again and everyday we are closer.  

Me, well I’ve learned so much and I’ve witnessed unbelievable things during our healings.  That half dead person with chronic pain is gone.  My kids have the mother they should have had years ago but it’s never too late.  I’m enjoying my kids and my new life without pain.  I’m often visited by humming birds which is such a heavenly blessing.  My whole world has been turned right side up and now I have to catch up to it.  I can’t express how profound the healing and the prayers are I am so grateful.  I may not have everything my ex cursed me with but I am confident I will have exactly all of that in the near future.  I am of God and I am grounded to the earth!

Mr. Macklin has been so kind, generous and patient with us.  I’m honored to have met him as well as to have been able to receive his healings and blessings.  I will forever be indebted to this noble man we know as Mr. Macklin.  God Bless You and your family and May the light of God forever shine upon you.

Gracie and family