A large portion of our ministry is devoted to the Divine Healing that Christopher offers. He works with past and present emotional issues, structural issues from past or present injuries, physical pain, and energy blockages.

* * Here's what you can expect during a Healing Session:
You will fill out an intake form and discuss any concerns and expectations you might have. You will go into a treatment room at our Center for your healing session (either in person, or esoterically). You can expect that after your session time with Christopher, that you will need to REST. You are ALWAYS more than welcome to bring a friend or family member into your session 
(but please do keep in mind sometimes there are emotional things from your past that DO arise during a session.)

Christopher also offers House Clearing Sessions that Optimize the Vibration of your home.If you have an animal with an aliment Christopher can help them too by booking them a Remote Healing Session.
Please keep in mind: 
We are a ministry, we rely on donations to keep our center going.
We ask for a minimum donation of $80 USD for online sessions.
NO ONE will be turned away, but there does need to be some sort of energy exchange for the healing session.

Healings can be done in person in our office, or you can arrange for Christopher to come to YOUR town for a workshop & healing sessions for friends/family. Healings can also be done REMOTELY via Skype. Christopher works WORLD-WIDE doing remote healings, payments for donations (don't forget, your donations are tax-deductible) may be made directly through our office in Missouri.
Please call us for additional information and scheduling: 

(417) 334~6200

Healing Sessions