Prayer Card Packet: These 3x5 cards have been updated to include all the prayers!

Clearing Meditation: Listen to prior to bedtime ~ allowing Christopher to clear your chakras and meridians.

Refund Policy:

If you purchase an item or items through the ministry market, and would like a refund we will gladly issue one. Our policy is that you MUST return the items bought in the condition they were received. Once the item, or items are returned to our office we will then issue a refund.

If you purchase a package through a teleseminar, and didn’t purchase with us you will have to contact the person you bought the package through, and ship the items back to our office in the condition they were received. We will then let the host of the teleseminar know we have received the items back, and they will issue a refund. If you have any questions please call the office:


Magi DVD:

Ancient Magi technique utilizing

Sacred Geometry and Angelic Writing.

​Releasing Regret Energy: Stuck energy only lowers your vibration

Release old regret emotion​.

Whole Body Detox: Detox for the entire body and Lymphatic System​.

Last 24 hours.


​​21 Heart Chakra: Remove blockages from heart chakra, 21 layers at a time.


Past Life Clearing: Releases to clear past life issues at a cellular level energetic memory that has slipped through 
the veil.


Quartz pendant that is programmed with the blueprint of your DNA.  Worn over your heart chakra, it helps protect you from negative energies.

​Wisdom Beyond Forgiveness: Revisit past emotions from a standpoint of Unconditional Love
Forgive and Move On​

Animal Companion Clearing:

Our 4-legged family need clearing ALSO. They are protectors, and sometimes get entities from humans they love.

House Clearing Kit

6 - Obelisk Quartz Crystal Towers. 
Create a protective grid for your sacred space.

7 Chakra Clearing and Rebalancing: Starting at the root working up to the crown- activating each chakra fully.


Commercial Clearing Kit

6 - LARGE Obelisk Quartz Crystal Towers. 
Create a protective grid for your business!