In getting to know all of you on the wonderful community of the General Group Healings, there has been great interest in doing a Live interactive Q&A with Christopher and Mandy. This is a Live session, where you will get to raise your hand and ask your own question live and we will be addressing some of the text questions in the Q & A as well. We have so enjoyed this experience with you!  We'd like to ask that the questions be more generalized and less personal if they are about healing specific needs, as those are really more for the actual healing sessions. We would like to keep the platform open more for questions about spiritual gifts/experiences, the state of the planet and our world, spiritual development, multidimensional beings and experiences.... things of that nature. So looking forward to both of us interacting with all of you together again! This Q & A meeting takes place on Saturday, November 30th at 2pm Central Time. 

Live Q & A with Christopher & Amanda on Saturday November 30th at 2pm Central


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