The current trends in manifesting are largely driven by the law of attraction, gratitude, visualization and positive thinking. And while all of these techniques are extremely important, many people haven’t been able to reach their goals in a consistent manner while using them. This is because there is more to manifesting our goals and desires than most understand.


Humanity is a powerful and divine race. Every person has been endowed with a divine plan for their lives that includes happiness, success, financial abundance, vibrant health, spiritual wisdom, supportive friendships and loving partnerships. This is everyone’s birthright.


In his beautifully comprehensive compilation Chris Macklin discusses the sacred processes and Melchizedek techniques that help create divine alignment, an abundant life and the divine plan.


He explains:

- How and why we are “hired wired” to manifest the dreams and desires in our hearts

-Why people fall short in manifesting their goals

-How to manifest through the art of divine alignment

-How the energy of the heart is primary in creating the world around us

-How to access and live the divine plan of your life


Descriptive, honest and compassionately insightful, Chris Macklin shares how he went from bankruptcy and homelessness into a successful, thriving, abundant life by accessing the divine plan of his life and staying in divine alignment.

Manifesting an Abundant Life: Through Divine Alignment


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